Privacy policy of WatchMaster.

OGQ Corporation(Hereinafter referred to as ‘Company’)’s Privacy Policy has been updated since May 25th, 2018. If you wish to review the previous Privacy Policy please click here.

Our updated Privacy Policy in intended to describe on how and what data we collect. Also on how and why we use your personal data.

1. Personal information to be collected and method of collection.
WatchMaster collect users personal information to provide the best possible experience when you utilize our Service. Here are the following information of personal data we collect :  

A) In order to process member registration (or service registration), convenient customer service, and various other services, the company collects necessary personal information on the first use of Watchmaster service. Required information includes name, depending on registration method, a Google email address, or Facebook account, and profile picture. Aforementioned information is collected from below services depending on registration method.

Google OAuth:
Personal Data: Various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service
Permissions: Name, Profile photo, Email
Google OAuth Privacy Policy

Access to Facebook account:
Permissions: Name, Profile photo, Email
Facebook Privacy Policy

B) In addition, Watchmaster collects users’ location info to provide weather service under users’ permissions. Collected location information is processed in Watchmaster application which is sent to location information service providers. Watchmaster does not save or store collected location information on its own system. The mentioned personal information is collected during Watchmaster program execution or signing in to the service, and partial information is received by writing, fax, phone, inquiry forums, and emails, and may also be received from partner companies.

2. Purposes of collecting and using personal information
WatchMaster collects minimized data we collect and limiting its use in purpose to only that (1) for which we have been given permission, (2) as necessary to deliver the services you purchase or interact with, or (3) as we might be required or permitted for legal compliance or other lawful purposes. These uses are as followed :

3. Sharing and provision of personal information
Company will not provide the user's personal information to third parties. However, the exceptions are as follows:

Our third parties and contractors may have access to your information, but only to perform services including database management, service maintenance, analysis, marketing, data handling and sending email or texts for company. These third parties may access to your personal information only when we have your consent to do so and to perform the services listed above.

4. The company entrusts personal information for service enhancement, and regulates necessary measures to ensure safe management of entrusted personal information.
The Company defines necessary measures when it comes to signing entrust contract in accordance with related legislation to ensure safe management of entrusted personal
information. The consigning organizations and entrusted work are defined below.

5. Period of possession and use of personal information

After fulfilling the purpose of collecting and using personal information, the information is destroyed without delay according to the following method. Your personal information is destroyed without delay in case of account deletion or after the purpose of personal information collection and use is accomplished.

Personal information that has already been used for the collection purpose is transferred to a separate DB (if on paper, a separate cabinet), then stored for a certain period then destroyed according to internal policies and other related laws for the purpose of information protection(refer to personal information storage and use period). At this time the relevant personal information is not used for any other purpose than storage unless required by law.

Due to internal policies unauthorized use records are stored for 6 months in order to prevent duplicate registration and use, and due to related laws and regulations on consumer protection in electronic commerce any records of contracts, cancellation, payments, and supply of goods are stored for 5 years, consumer complaints or disputes are stored for 3 years, and according to Protection of Communications Secrets Act website visitation records are stored for 3 months.

6. Personal information termination process.
If service is not used for 1 year, personal information is destroyed or stored and managed separately.

When destroying collected information, personal information-written paper is disposed by shredding or incineration and personal information stored as a digital file is deleted through technical methods that prevent restoration or recovery.

If you request for termination of account or deletion of personal information, the concerned information will be processed only as indicated in section regarding period of retention and use of personal information, and will not be viewed or used for any other purpose. 

7. Rights and how to exercise them by the user and the legal representative of the user.
You can view and modify your registered personal information at anytime on Google or Facebook’s profile page and if do not approve Company’s processing of personal information; you can also refuse to agree or request termination of account (withdrawal of membership). However, in those cases you may have limited or no access to the services.

If you request for termination of account or deletion of personal information, the concerned information will be processed only as indicated in section regarding period of retention and use of personal information, and will not be viewed or used for any other purpose. 

8. Matters about the installation/operation and refusal of the automatic collection device of personal information.
The Company uses cookies that save and frequently recall your information, in order to provide personalized and customized services.

A) Cookies: Cookies are very small text files sent to your browser by the website’s server, and are saved in your device. When you revisit the website, its server reads cookies saved in your device and uses them to maintain user configuration and provide customized service.

B) Purpose of the use of cookie : In case of PC based service, for the purposes to provide the users to optimize services by identifying the user's history of usage and visiting websites, and the user's form of usage and scale, the cookies may be able to be used. 

C) Installation/operation and refusal of cookie : The user may reserve the right to choose the installation of cookie. The user may allow or refuse to the storage of cookie in the options provided by browser and OS. However, if the user refuses to the installation of cookie, there might be difficulties in using a part of services required of login.

To understand your usage patterns and detect / fix service errors, Watchmaster uses Google Analytics and Google Crashlytics.

9. The revision of Private Policy
WatchMaster have the rights to edit this Privacy Policy. In the case there’s any addition, deletion, correction occurred in this private policy, the details of the revision will be posted in the company’s homepage, ‘Notice’ in the service or by an easy way to be recognized at least before 7 days of such case. However, in the event that there any change occurred in the important content of the user’s right or responsibility, it will be noticed at least before 30 days of such event.

10. Data Protection Authority
If you are resident of the European Economic Area (EEA) and believe we maintain personal data subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you may direct questions or complaints to our lead supervisory authority, the UK’s information Commissioner’s Office :

11. Contact Us
You may file all your complaints with regard to personal information protection in services of the Company to the department in charge of protection of personal information ( Help Center ). Company will swiftly and fully respond to your reports. 

Please refer to the organizations below for further consultation or report on other cases of personal information infringement:

The document written in English is for user understanding, and the document written in Korean takes priority when there is mistranslation.

Regulation date : May 25th, 2018

Personal Information Protection manager
Position: CEO
Name: I.T Shin